Bosque de Chapultepec, Mexico City, 8.02.18

Bosque de Chapultepec covers an area of 400 hectares and is the largest green space in the centre of Mexico City. It is a very popular destination of the capital’s residents. The ‘Bosque’ (which, translated means ‘Forest’) is split into three subsections that each have a large number of play areas. Berliner Seilfabrik has designed and built a number of these play areas using more than 30 different types of play equipment, suitable for the needs and wishes of children of all ages.

Twist - sculptural rope climbing frame at Bosque de Chapultepec, Mexico City.

‘A part of the park had been closed off for a long time, as it served as a security zone to the adjacent presidential palace. After this area had then been made accessible to the public throughout the day, our intention was to upgrade this area with attractive play equipment that appeal to families as well’, says engineer Herrera from the EVISA company, which was responsible for a large part of the park’s redesign.

The latest attraction can be found in the north of the park and is a combination of three attractive play houses from the ‘Spooky Rookies’ range. This range is specially designed for the needs of small children and to promote their psychomotor skills. The red colour of the connecting balls and the HDPE panels attract the children’s interest and simultaneously remind them of flowers, fitting perfectly to the park’s landscape.

A fun combination of play units from the Greenville range.
A combination of three attractive play houses from the ‘Spooky Rookies’ range.

Beside the Spooky Rookies, Berliner’s latest design can be found: ‘The Cube’ – a spatial net within a Glulam timber frame. The structure impresses with its architectural shape. Older children will find lots of space in the three-dimensional structure to climb around or to just hangout.

'Cube' rope climber with 'Spooky Rookies' Combi unit in the background.Looking down the length of the 'Twist'.

A further eye catcher in this project is the ‘Twist’: two snake-like sculptures intersect several times along their 10-meter length. Both ‘snakes’ are connected by a climbing net along the entire length, creating a climbable play sculpture that impresses with its sophisticated design as well as its great play value.

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