Product Focus : Climbing Towers

Product Focus Climbing Towers

Colourful and sculptural climbing towers reach up to the sky offering an irresistible challenge to children to go onwards and upwards and discover all their play possibilities. The intriguing magical shapes spark children’s imaginations and feature play activities on many levels where they can climb, slide and have fun exploring.

These visually striking play towers are ideal as a centre piece in any play area to create a main attraction. With ranges rendered in a variety of materials there is something to suit any location whether it be a woodland or urban setting, a public park, private attraction or a school playground.

Timber, rope and steel combinations allow for a great assortment of shapes, styles and themes. They can also be varied with add-on elements such as slides, swings, balance bars, bridges and climbing rope nets.

The scale and robust build of the multi activity units allows many children to play on them at the same time and all year round.

View the whole range of extraordinary Triitopia units in the catalogue or see the units currently available on our website.
Download Triitopia brochure >

Download the Triitopia brochure
Download the Triitopia brochure
Cameleo XL Towers
Our Cameleo XL units are all avaliable online.

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Cameleo XL
Cameleo XL

Themed Timber Towers
Everything and anything is possible with our bespoke timber product including our tall playhouse and treehouse ranges. Call us on 01590 675652 to talk about your ideas.

Spielart bespoke timber tower
Spielart bespoke timber tower