Bourton Park, Buckingham Town Council

Bourton Park

Buckingham Town Council approached Russell Play to design and build a natural play site for Bourton Park in Buckingham. The design of the new facility had to be sympathetic to the landscape and incorporate the surrounding trees and woodland. Activities had to be challenging and the primary target age was for 8-16 year olds but the design had to be flexible enough to be fully inclusive and allow younger children to also enjoy the space. Access paths and seating areas were also an essential part of the design.

Natural coloured timber playhouse with steel slide in woodland setting

The park had to be an attractive location for adults to meet and socialise while their children played. Consideration was given to the access of each piece of equipment and this was achieved by utilising a large central path that linked the play area.

Natural coloured timber cable ride in woodland play park

Products from our Spielart timber range were chosen because of their natural appearance, tactile feel and the variety of activities they offered. Specifically, a large tree house play unit was chosen to create a central point. Adventurous items such as a Cable Ride and Surf Spinner for older children were positioned around the perimeter, allowing the central items to be used by younger children. There are also quieter zones with individual items of play equipment such as balancing and climbing logs and a semi-circular seating area.

Natural coloured timber shelter in woodland playground