Broadstone First School, Play Area, Dorset

Broadstone First School

For pupils at Broadstone First School, playtime is now a lot more fun since the addition of a new multi-activity, timber play structure in their playground. The large bespoke unit not only features climbing, balancing and sliding possibilities, but its two house-shaped towers fuel young imaginations to create their own playtime adventures.

Access climbing ramp into large timber carved playhouse in Broadstone First School, Play Area, Dorset

Russell Play was asked by the PTA of Broadstone First School to design a bespoke climbing structure to install in the grounds of the school. The PTA clearly understood the importance of school playtime for their children and were great at providing feedback during the design process. They had an understanding of what they wanted from the outset and set Russell Play the task of realising it in the best possible way. They wanted to use the exclusive Spielart bespoke natural timber range from Russell Play to create a structure that not only provided the children with physical challenges but also sensory and imaginative play. The unit was to cater for school years 1-4 and be of a size to accommodate large groups of children at playtime.

Timber playhouse showing towers and adjoining rope bridge in Broadstone First School, Play Area

Bespoke timber play range
The completed play unit is a physically impressive, eye-catching structure with a red and dark natural wood colour finish. As well as the roofed towers with platforms linked by a large timber and rope bridge, there is a fireman’s pole, slide, climbing ramp with rope, climbing access net, climbing wall and balancing logs. There are also unique details such as the hand-carved squirrels on the posts which, along with the colours and natural material, help the frame harmonise with the green play area surroundings. 

Being a school, Broadstone were conscious of getting value for their investment and wanted something that would last, as well as yield many possibilities for play. The robinia timber is solid and durable and makes a very robust structure that can withstand weathering and a great amount of play every day for many, many years.

Climbing wall on side of multi activity timber playhouse in Broadstone First School, Play Area

The importance of play for children
Play is more than just fun for children, it is also essential for their learning and development and not just physically. Play also helps children with:

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Self confidence and discovering individual limits
  • Communication, language and literacy through play
  • Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy

Russell Play has designed a great number of school playgrounds and our expertise in play and safety has provided many pupils with lots of fun and healthy playtimes.

Large multi activity playhouse in playground of Broadstone First School