Connor's Court Multi Use Games Area - Rottingdean, Brighton

Connor's Court

Russell Play was invited to tender for a new Multi Use Games Area (MUGA), to be built in the south coast village of Rottingdean, near Brighton. The ball court was to be dedicated to the memory of Connor Saunders a popular, local teenager who was tragically killed in 2012 at the age of 19.

Some friends of Connor had suggested building a MUGA as a fitting memorial to him as he was a keen amateur football player and Chelsea fan. They sought the help of PARC (Play Area in Rottingdean Committee), a local charity that provides recreational facilities for children and young people in the Rottingdean area. PARC raised the necessary funds for the ball court.

View of Connor's Court MUGA Multi use games area ball court

The place chosen for the new MUGA facility was to be on the site of a once popular outdoor swimming pool situated at the foot of the tall cliffs on the seafront of Rottingdean. The pool was in disuse for many years and had been concreted over but the space seemed the ideal picturesque setting for what was to be called ‘Connors Court’.

Russell Play won the contract by having the best overall specification of MUGA in flexibility and durability. The modular system can be scaled up and down to suit the size of space available and there are also a large range of colour combinations to choose from. It was the location of the ball court, however, that played an important part in Russell Play being chosen to supply and install Connors Court.

Children playing on Multi use games area (MUGA) ball court

The reason was that with the MUGA being situated so near the sea front, the metal work which comprises the main structural frame of a court, is open to highly corrosive elements of the sea and the harsh coastal weather. Metal work is very vulnerable in these areas, so to have any life span the metal needs to be properly coated and protected. Russell Play’s ‘ColourGalv Marine’ finish means all metal parts are hot dip galvanised so as to coat and protect inside and out. After galvanising, the metal parts are specially treated to be prepared for the impermeable middle powder coat layer and for the final glossy top coat. An amazing 30 year guarantee is given against corrosion and structural failure on the product in this extreme environment.

Galvanised steel ball court- Connor's Court (MUGA)

This is unmatched by any of our competitors.

Connors family and the community of Rottingdean have expressed their delight with the result of ‘Connors Court’. It has received praise from all quarters.

‘Russell Play provided technical response to the many issues faced by the project, detailing their works, attending many site meetings, demonstrating commitment to present a quality product that met the Client Brief and gave satisfaction the product would last, given its exposed location.

The installation proceeded without hitch and has since been greeted by both Client and public with many positive comments.’

Toby Rollestone BSc (Hons) MRICS


MacConvilles Surveying

Girl playing basket ball in Connor's Court ball court multi use games area (MUGA)