Skyline Garden Play Area

Skyline Garden Play Area, Frankfurt

Berliner Seilfabrik was chosen to supply the play equipment for two playgrounds situated in the ‘Skyline Garden’, the roof top park on the Skyline Plaza shopping centre in Frankfurt. The building is part of ‘Europaviertel’, a major urban development for residents and businesses providing living space and jobs for around 13,000 people. The whole development is integrated within large public areas of green and recreational space combining modern urban lifestyles with business.

Equipment from Berliner Seilfabrik was selected for the playgrounds because its contemporary and sculptural designs best suited the vision of the overall design and setting of the park.

Cosmo global steel and rope play structure on Skyline Garden Play Area roof in Frankfurt

The Skyline Garden looks out over the 670,000m² expanse of the bold new development. Europaviertel boasts a whole range of modern amenities and infrastructure including footpaths, cycle tracks, various public transport connections, schools and nursery care centres as well as cafes, shops and restaurants.

Views of the Frankfurt skyline from the Skyline Garden’s two-terraced restaurant forms one part of the overall appeal for visitors. The roof top public park also has a well-placed network of paths, lighting and street furniture set throughout areas of grass and planting. This includes the two playgrounds equipped with climbing structures and a sandpit.

Cosmo rope climber on colourful rubber surface at Skyline Garden Play Area roof in Frankfurt

Urban Play Equipment
Cosmo, the globe shaped rope climber, was chosen to be positioned near the restaurant for families with children. This allows young ones to run around and play within sight of the outdoor terrace. The Cosmo comprises of a three-dimensional rope net held within an outer stainless steel frame. Many add-on components are available for Cosmo, such as access nets or ramps, sliding poles and the so-called Duck-Jibe. This name derives from a surfing manoeuvre, which children can imitate on this piece of equipment. The planners of Skyline Plaza selected an add-on banister for their Cosmo. Its parallel, curving pipes serve as both a play feature and an attractive design element.

'Cat Tail' play point on Skyline Garden Play Area roof in Frankfurt

It has been almost ten years since Berliner Seilfabrik launched the Cosmo which was the first completely spherical play structure. In 2008, this perennial favourite was awarded the ‘Red Dot Design Award.’

The second play area is located on the other terrace and is kitted out with so-called “Play Points” from the Urban Design Berlin range, a trademark of Berliner Seilfabrik. This range comprises a number of extraordinary play apparatus products. As objects situated in public spaces, they are extremely stylish and as play equipment, they prove to be irresistible to children. The range includes classic playground favourites such as swings and seesaws, but always incorporating a little extra. Some of the play equipment in this range has minimal fall heights, ensuring no impact protection is required. Without the need for this additional expense, this made them ideal features for pedestrian zones and prefect for the Skyline Garden.

An 'Eddie' and a 'Cat Tail' play points on Skyline Garden Play Area roof in Frankfurt

The play area includes two ‘Cat Tails’, long curved swinging poles available in three sizes that kids can spin or sway to and fro. There is also an ‘Eddie’, a small piece of whirling apparatus, installed here with a long, straight central pole. Last but not least, the Plaza boasts two ‘Pin Tails’ : small, wobbly “surfboards” which entice youngsters to seesaw and jump or to sit down and take a quick time-out from shopping.

Cosmo global play structure on Skyline Garden Play Area roof in Frankfurt