Wetland Centre Play Area Barnes, London

Wetland Centre London

The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) gave Russell Play the task of designing a unique, themed play unit as an addition to their existing playground in the Wetland Centre in London. Young children can now play and climb through giant reeds, long grass, birds and dragonflies adding to the fun and making their visit to the Wetland Centre more memorable.

Wildlife themed carved timber play structure at Wetland Centre Play Area Barnes, London

WWT’s brief was to come up with an exciting play structure for a specific space that would add some interest and a challenge for young visitors. The visual impact of the structure needed to be immersive, with the feeling of the vegetation and natural habitat of the wetland surroundings. It also required to provide play, predominantly for children between the ages of 3 to 8 years old.

Access climbing ramp and slide on water wildlife themed timber play unit at Wetland Centre Play Area Barnes, London

The WWT wanted to work with Russell Play as they knew they could construct a completely bespoke timber play unit using their Spielart robinia timber range. Being bespoke it meant the timber construction could be built to fit the space and the theme they had chosen. It also meant it could be coloured in any way to be in keeping with the surrounding wetland nature.

The customer wanted timber as it is simply a natural material they knew would suit the environment best. Another strength of the bespoke timber range is it can be carved into figures and animals to suit any theme. The play structure has placed around it detailed carvings accurately depicting wetland bird species and different kinds of dragonfly and larvae.

Dragonfly larvae carved timber play springer at Wetland Centre Play Area, Barnes, London

The response from visitors has been very positive with the playground proving very popular with children and families visiting the centre.

Overall in the UK the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust covers 3,000 hectares of prime wetland taking in 1 million visitors in a year. They look after and create wetlands for wildlife and as a source of drinking water. They are also visitor attractions in themselves for people interested in beautiful landscapes and the animals that live in and around the wetland environment. WWT is a charity that works with local business, communities and government employing over 350 people and many more volunteers.

Timber carved reeds on wildlife themed play structure showing insect and bird carvings at Wetland Centre Play Area Barnes, London