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Community Groups

Community groups are playing an increasingly important role in funding and creating new play areas.

With continued cutbacks in local authority play provision, many communities are finding that they need to take on the challenges of saving a local play area or creating a new playground. Russell Play can support local community groups and “Friends of” groups in fundraising efforts for play projects. We do this by providing planning advice and support for WREN funding applications such as documentation and drawings.

At Russell Play, we will offer full community consultation for projects. Particularly for those defined as “hard-to-reach”, so all stakeholders have the opportunity to express opinions and influence the design and delivery of a project in their area. A wide and inclusive range of products in a play area creates a strong sense of ownership. This in turn discourages anti-social behaviour and increases participation by the disabled/other minority sections of the community.

When the playground project is finished, we can support an Open Day. This includes inviting local organisations, such as schools, community clubs, nursery groups etc to view the new play provision. Alongside offering guidance on safe use and highlight the benefits and exciting physical activities the area will provide.

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