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Working Sustainably.

As a company we are proud to use sustainable products. Not only does this reflect our company ethos but it also highlights the quality of our equipment.

We consider sustainability in all departments within our business.

Starting with design, we will interpret the client brief which is electronically sent to us from our area manager. Our team generate and create exciting visuals using tablets to reduce the use of paper.

Our supplier’s production is always PVC free and any surplus material is recycled. The powder coating process is solvent free.

After the design process, our sustainability effort continues to our contracting and installation team. Our Contracts Managers research and decide on one of our vetted and approved sub contractors who are based as close to the site as possible. This supports local business, reduces carbon footprints and also ensures a better use of operative time (reduces the time and travel to site).

Once the play area is finished and handed over, as a company we review and analyse the entire process from start to end. This highlights areas for improvement and allows us to learn and apply our teachings to future projects which encourages our company policy of continuous improvement.

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