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We Don’t Destroy To Create

Our business considers sustainability at every stage of playground development. We have created our ethos based on the three pillars of sustainability. These are Social, Economic, and Environmental factors.

A strong and healthy society is important for true sustainability. We listen to and encourage feedback from our customers, local communities and work force to help develop the very best play opportunities for all children. It is also vital that we live and create within environmental limitations. An inconvenient mound or cluster of trees for some is just another opportunity for our designers to get creative on possibilities for play.


Social development is key to sustainability. We support local communities and provide training that focuses on the environment. By visiting sites, offering web chats, and regularly staying in contact, we can keep social connections and develop further understanding.


We can reduce costs by employing businesses and workforces local to projects. This benefits you the client, us as a business, and the environment in general. We reduce our carbon footprint and save on travel costs by using local labour.


Our aim is to keep the environment healthy and beautiful. We recycle office waste, re-use on site material, and combine site visits to minimise fuel consumption. Every installation is risk assessed to consider existing environmental issues.

Our partners strive to protect too.

We have exclusive partnerships with other likeminded companies. Spielart and Berliner both have excellent sustainability policies, one of many reasons we are proud to work with them both.

Spielart source from sustainable forestry and offer a chain of custody if desired. They also use renewable energy for their electricity, covering up to 90% of their usage.

Berliner use 85% recycled aluminium and 70% recycled steel. All of their surplus HDPE is recycled and put back in to their supply chain. All of their paints and manufacturing is PVC and solvent free.