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Funding Advice

At Russell Play we are more than happy to help you source funding for your play project.

To help you with this we have prepared a small guide to get you started. The information provided below is designed to offer general, practical guidance to the types of grants and funds available for helping finance an outdoor play area.

We hope this will offer helpful advice for identifying potential sources of funding, creating funding plans and managing funding bids. It is important that you research your donor’s needs and have a clearly defined strategy before building your proposal. The more preparation, planning and homework you do, the better the chances of success your application will have.

The key steps for your funding application should be:

  • Step One: Pool your resources.
  • Step Two: Choose your funding source.
  • Step Three: How to create and structure your funding plan.
  • Step Four: Building and reviewing your plan.
  • Step Five: What next?
  • Step Six: Maintain Relationships with the Funder.

Download the funding guide below.

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