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Sports & Fitness

Russell Play’s Sports & Fitness range offers excellent opportunities for children and young adults of all abilities. The products have been carefully designed to help develop physical and socials skills. They provide maximum fun and enjoyment, while helping to deal with obesity. We offer a range of multi-use games areas which can be adapted to suit a variety of sports, providing the perfect free-access solution for any site or budget.

Introducing: Numuga

A simple ‘kick about’ isn’t engaging the children and youths of today. By taking down the cage, we can create an open plan space that looks fun and inviting, rather than elite and intimidating. Another observation is, for sport to succeed in parks and playgrounds you generally need five or more people involved. This is unachievable most of the time, leaving traditional MUGA’s unused. Numuga allows for games to be played with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5+ people.

Numuga allows for a more freestyle type of play, where kids can learn the basics of sport without necessarily taking part in a ‘match’. Learning how to pass, control, catch, throw and aim are key skills that can be transferred to multiple sports. Our spaces are a gateway into sport for beginners, as well as honing the skills of experienced players.


Metro Sport

The system is truly multi-use and can be used for a wide variety of sports. The goal ends and ball courts are
accessible and inclusive, so children of all abilities can use them. The products are corrosion and vandal-resistant and come with a 30 year guarantee!


By Berliner Seilfabrik

The Calisthenics range from Berliner offers countless fitness opportunities on horizontal bars of different heights, balance bars, swings, and much more. These systems can be combined with other sports and fitness equipment to create a comprehensive training area.