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Rooftops And Podiums.

As more and more people move to towns and cities, a dense urban habitat is quickly becoming reality. To ensure we have plenty of play spaces available, innovative solutions are needed more than ever.

Roofs offer important potential for creating these new playscapes. The installation of play equipment on rooftops and podiums opens up urban spaces and adds another dimension of functionality to buildings in the process.

As every rooftop project requires a unique solution, we are here to work with you to make sure our equipment can be fitted safely and securely to the roof structure. Get in touch today to begin to develop your new skyline play solution!

In Focus: Podium Installation.

A recent podium installation for Ladderswood Estate, north London, had a build up with all different levels, meaning each piece of equipment had to be bespoke designed to meet the requirements for the foundations.

Tom King, our southern contracts manager, worked alongside the client to create the play area to their specific technical needs. This site was a particularly tricky one as not only did the client require all equipment to be bolted down, but the podium was also stepped requiring various lengths for all below ground fixings.

Silhouette is a range of architecturally designed play sculptures perfect for urban spaces. It was chosen for the contemporary London development as the stainless-steel finish fits perfectly with the surrounding area. This equipment has also be specifically designed to make it as versatile as possible. Most of our Silhouette equipment can be installed into grass, loose-fill pits, and (in this case) bolted down to a podium.

The accompanying Berliner equipment compliments silhouette’s style. The spinners were specified by the original designers of the space and were modified by our team in the office and partners in Berliner to suit the foundation requirements of the podium install.

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