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Sustainability is not a constraint, but an opportunity for new ideas. Our proprietary materials are engineered for sustainability, both of the playscape and the planet as a whole.

Both in our office, and throughout our supply chain, we insist on ecologically conscious manufacturing processes. This alongside rigorous product testing ensures sustainability and durability. Russell Play designs more durable and maintainable alternatives to regular playground equipment. Above all, we have an obligation to consider the environmental impact of the project, and the future generations of our community.

Our exclusive partners, Berliner Seilfabrik and Spielart are both environmentally considerate. Our timber products are created using FSC approved robinia timber – a fast growing hardwood with a structural guarantee of 20 years. Spielart use solar energy to cover their electricity demands up to 90%. In addition to this, they are always striving to be an active part of the sustainable management network in their region.  Berliner Seilfabrik strive to make their total carbon footprint as small as possible within every job. They use aluminium made from 85% recycled material in the production of their equipment and over 90% of all their products are recyclable.

Industry leading warranties are a fundamental cornerstone of our promise to build a timeless and resilient playground. By combining play-proof materials with well-engineered structures, we’re making playgrounds to last for your communities to enjoy for decades.

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