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Russell Play are one of the most highly regarded and most approachable commercial playground companies in the UK, with over 30 years’ experience creating play areas for all sectors, including Family Attractions, Local Authorities, Schools and Nurseries, Housing Developers, Housing Associations, Local Councils and Landscape Architects. Our clients are wide and varied and include amongst many others: Merlin Entertainments, Paulton’s Park, British Land, Crown Estates, RSPB, Centre Parcs, Quintain Estates, Wetlands Trust, Most UK Councils, Most UK House Builders, LDA Design, HTA Landscape Architects, Gillespies, Townshend, Levitt Bernstein and more. 

We employ teams of specialist staff, including local Area Managers who between them cover all regions of the UK, Landscape Designers, Engineers and Contracts Managers. Each has a passion and commitment for achieving the best possible results and outcomes for our clients and the children who ultimately use our playgrounds.

Children learn through play and what they learn affects us all and shapes our communities. Well-designed Playgrounds have a key role to play in the wellbeing of the wider community. They are one of the foremost tools for encouraging young children to socialise with their peers, explore, push their own boundaries and limitations and begin their life journey with a tendency towards a more physical and healthy existence. We believe in the importance of providing stimulating physical and social activities for children of all abilities by the provision of challenging, innovative and durable play areas.

We are not constrained by a limited portfolio of products and are therefore able to offer our customers a truly bespoke and tailored solution for all their playground requirements. Our play products include bespoke Robinia play equipment, rope based play equipment and a comprehensive range of steel and stainless steel play equipment. With such a large portfolio we are always able to provide the very best solution for any brief. Customers can chose from standard play products or engage us to design a bespoke solution.

We are happy to work on large or smaller scale projects. We can take the lead, create the design and all associated supporting documentation or we can work alongside you in more of an advisory capacity. Whatever your playground requirements are we can normally offer some added value. Most of our advice is provided willingly, free of charge and without obligation. We just love being involved in play!

"In our play we reveal what kind of people we are" – Ovid Roman Poet 427-347 BC