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Karl’s Potato Chip Adventure World

At Karls Adventure Village in Elstal near Berlin a spacious indoor playground of rope climbing structures provides limitless climbing fun for visiting children. This is not located at ground level but is at an elevation of 3 metres and extends above the heads of those seated in the potato restaurant. Karls Adventure Village in Elstal near Berlin was focused exclusively on the subject of strawberries for some time but the addition of ‘K2 – potato chip adventure world’ another dimension has been added to its offering.


The potatoes consist of a steel framework. In each case, two rings with a diameter of 1.5 metres are linked together by curved steel tubes to provide a rounded form. In the two larger potatoes, the distance between the rings is correspondingly greater. The lateral and top openings of these steel frames are carefully enclosed with net structures to provide for the necessary safety while also ensuring the structures remain transparent, so that it is possible to look out and look in. The two smaller potatoes each have a vertical net tunnel extending from the floor, where they are attached to steel plates anchored to the structural foundations. A particular contribution to the play value of the system is provided by the differing design of the connecting tunnels that link the potatoes. On closer inspection, it becomes apparent that these vary not just in terms of length, form and diameter but that a new adventure also awaits every exploring child in each tunnel.


Berliner Seilfabrik

Landscape Architect:

Bürogemeinschaft Stadt