Sustainable and eco-friendly playgrounds

Working Sustainably

At Russell Play, we are aware that natural resources are becoming severely depleted. We are passionate about taking full responsibility for the materials and processes that are used to manufacture our products. For the sake of current and future generations, we want to work in a sustainable way.

As such, we operate a sustainability policy throughout our production processes by selecting products that will last and by using high quality materials.

Only the best materials and finishes have been used for our products to ensure both beauty and resilience in all sorts of environments:


The paint used to finish our playground ranges conforms to the latest European and American standards regarding hazardous elements and has done so for many years.

Materials in our products conform to the European EN71 Toy safety standard and to the American CPSC standards.

All paint used is non-toxic, lead free and safe for use in children’s playgrounds.


We use high quality S275 sheet and plate materials that are in most cases laser cut into their final shape. The tube materials that we use are generally 3mm thick or more in order to create strong and long lasting constructions. Stainless steel parts and products are made from S304 and highly polished to prevent corrosion.


Our timber playground range is made from Robinia timber. Robinia is a temperate hardwood grown in Europe with the resistance and durability typically found only in tropical hardwoods like Teak and Iroko. It is a fast growing commercial crop that is grown in a sustainable fashion and FSC approved.

Berliner Seilfabrik’s Greenville and Trii ranges feature Bamboo panels. Bamboo is extremely wear-resistant and durable. It is harder than oak and its carbon footprint is remarkable: hardly any other plant absorbs as much carbon dioxide. It is very fast growing (it is capable of growing one metre per day!) and has been called nature’s ‘high-tech’ material.


The plastics in our products are strong, durable and recyclable. We are increasing the percentage of recycled material in our products without reducing the quality of the parts.

We offer a 30 year warranty against structural failure on our HDPE panels.


In all our products we use mainly 16mm and 20mm steel core rope from Berliner Seilfabrik, an expert in rope play products. The steel wires are galvanised and the external rope strands are covered with Polyamide or Polyester yarn, ensuring a good grip, maximum abrasion resistance and colour fastness.