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Liz Lake Associates, the landscape architects working on the redevelopment, were looking for play features for the rooftop community garden that would complement the modern industrial feel of the architects design. The equipment should provide a play facility for children and at the same time enhance the attractive outdoor recreational space used by all the residents. The landscaped area spans two stories and features exclusive podium areas with a central open space formed by curved raised beds. Each of these spaces providing a setting for a unique play point.


Liz Lake chose play units from the Russell Play Silhouette range, an ideal solution for this scenario. Silhouette was specifically developed to work with more urban play areas that feature modern architectural design concepts as well as traditional play parks. The curving shapes of the beautifully crafted stainless steel enhance all environments and are enjoyed by both children and adults alike. They add a point of sculptural visual interest that residents of all ages will view in all seasons from their apartments or while out on the roof garden.


Photos from Liz Lake Associates.

Landscape Architects:

Liz Lake Associates

Development :

Caxton Works