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Wormholt Park

Levitt Bernstein create thriving urban spaces and living landscapes to get the highest benefit for the local community. The element of child’s play in an urban public park is important as it provides a place for children and families to play and meet and gives a sense of well-being to the greater community. Levitt Bernstein already had an established relationship with Russell Play and in this project wanted them to act as the playground consultant throughout the design and implementation of the new park, as well as to supply the play equipment.

The play area was part of a much larger £1million overhaul of Wormholt Park, funded by a local developer which included planting, footpaths, an upgraded games area and adventure park. The site is located in the London borough of Hammersmith & Fulham and serves a large community in the area. The park is free to enter and remains open all year round. Photographs by Levitt Bernstein/Russell Play.


Landscape Architects:

Levitt Bernstein


Wormholt Park